2D Fenwick Tree / 2D Binary Indexed Tree

Fenwick Tree is used to answer range or interval queries in an array in logarithmic time. Fenwick tree can be generalized to multiple dimensions. 2D Fenwick tree is one such implementation used to answer sub-matrix queries, i.e. queries in 2 dimensions. Fenwick tree is considered a prerequisite to understand 2D Fenwick tree. Like 1D, 2D Fenwick tree also requires the operation to be invertible.

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I have a question about the time complexity of update an query function.
The outer while x > 0 loop runs in O(logN) time, and the inner while y > 0 loop runs in O(logM) time, so I think it runs in O(log(N)log(M)) instead of O(log(MN)) in total.