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Hello Everyone,

I am graduated in Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science Engineering from Amity University Madhya Pradesh, India (http://amity.edu/) on July 1st 2017. I recently finished my second internship at University of Malta and I am looking for a place which allows me to showcase my skills in data science and various domains.

I have around 2 years of experience in python, data science and machine learning. I have very good grasp hence ready to explore new technologies as well.

At Amity University I was involved in a host of activities which have contributed immensely to expand my work-skills and knowledge in various fields. I have also been working part time as a Student researcher at Cyborg cyber forensics and information security, my preliminary focus is on data science. I have done certifications from AWS and Udemy on Data Analysis and Machine learning and also secured 13th position at Hacker Cup India 2016 and currently doing my second internship at University of Malta. Second one because my mentor liked my work from my first internship and he called me again to work with him. I made a price dynamics and prediction model for cryptocurrency using historical data


Welcome to OpenGenus :tada:

You have some nice and exciting experience :+1:

One of the easiest way to get started contributing is to write articles on topics of your interest at OpenGenus IQ. Apart from that, we can guide you to contribute to our open-source projects or start a new project as well :+1:

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