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We are working on a special project to help developers in the open-source community land a job through their skills.

At the same time, we are making hiring in open-source easier.

Are you looking for the next super-developer? :muscle:

At the moment, you can post a job (the one you manage) in this category and talented community members will get in touch with you to explore the opportunity further.

We will share your job post within our internal Slack group and other social media presence to spread the news and effectively, help you find the best candidate.

The size, reach and spread of developers at OpenGenus will make sure that you meet the person you are looking for.

Are you a candidate? :blush:

Get in touch with the job poster now. Do not delay.
Did you know: “Thinking about applying in a future time period reduces success rate due to many factors

Let us make open-source great for everyone. Opportunities start at OpenGenus :tada:


I would like to have intern opportunities if present.Plz have a look into my profile

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Happy to be a part of this great world…want to have an internship opportunity…let me know if there is any.:smile::smile: