Become a writer at OpenGenus IQ


(Aditya Chatterjee) #1

To become a writer :man_astronaut: at OpenGenus or to get a story published at OpenGenus, you must:

  • :bookmark: Choose a topic to contribute to (we will help in identifying it)
  • :email: Get an invite for OpenGenus IQ by commenting in this thread or by messaging @aditya. Make sure to let us know about the first article you plan to publish.

Anyone can write at OpenGenus about any topic related to programming, design, data science, developer experience and advice.

Once you receive an email invite, you can work directly on our editor available at OpenGenus and get your story published. Do check spam section as well for the invite.

One of the biggest obstacle to becoming a writer is being confused on what to write. We, being a large community, give opportunity and guidance to everyone to become a great writer and contribute to the society. Hence, we have a large list of possible contribution topics which you can attempt to contribute to.

:loudspeaker: Do not wait, join in this exciting journey today

OpenGenus IQ Java task list
OpenGenus IQ C++ task list
OpenGenus IQ Machine Learning task list
(Komal Bharadiya) #2

@aditya Heyyy, I am novice to open source communityโ€ฆPlease help how do I start!