Contribute at Hacktoberfest 2021 (Cosmos)

Welcome to Hacktoberfest 2021 (Cosmos)

By making 4 contributions, you can win a free t-shirt and set of stickers by DigitalOcean and get familiar with open-source. Go for it.

To get started on your journey in Hacktoberfest 2021, follow these steps:

  • Register at Hacktoberfest site.
  • Fork Cosmos to get a local copy as your workspace
  • Learn how to make a perfect pull request (guide)
  • Make a basic contribution like improving existing implementations, simple bugs (like #5891) and more to get familiar with the flow
  • Make 4 quality contributions (like implementing an algorithm/ problem). You can open a new issue mentioning the contribution you plan to make and open a pull request directly.

Some lists of algorithms to help you contribute:

Some quality contributions:

  • Implement new algorithms in language of your choice (Having strong implementation skills is useful)
  • Write at OpenGenus IQ on a topic you are confident in or prepare questions on a given topic (Ability to explain ideas is important)
  • Write at OpenGenus IQ on a new topic in the domain you are interested in (Approaching new topics correctly is the key to invention)
  • Develop features for sister projects of Cosmos (challenging but interesting)

This helps you grow intellectually :brain: and help you gain good opportunities. Search and ask our Interns how they have grown over the years.

To begin contributing, you shall get a quick overview of how Cosmos is used today. Cosmos is one of the most extensive code database and is used as:

  • A datastore for various projects (such as Quark) for purposes such as offline searching
  • Training ML models for applications such as identifying programming language
  • Metadata for projects such as OpenGenus IQ, Falcon and several others
  • Offline Learning resource by several contributors

Have a doubt or want us to review your contribution? Ask us down :point_down: and we will help you.

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Hello is this project still open for contribution?