Cosmos Maintainers

We are always looking for new members and if you want to help in maintaining, just let us know in the comments.

Community Leaders / Maintainers

Maintainers are your friend forever. :heart_eyes: They are vastly different from moderators.

Community leaders

Thanks goes to these :heart: wonderful people who made this possible and are maintaining and driving the Cosmos community further:

We want you to join us :grinning:


I want to be a Maintainers. But I donot konw what I will do in the community

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Hi, we would love to have you as a future maintainer. I have messaged you to help you get started :smile:

Hello. How can I become one of the members in the organisation. Please tell me the procedure and if possible send me the invite link. My GitHub username is thegauravtiwari .

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You can become a member by contributing in any of the OpenGenus projects. All projects are contributor-friendly and hence, it is easy to make an impact at OpenGenus :muscle:

To become a maintainer of a project, you need to be consistent and major contributor to the concerned project. Existing members approve new maintainers.