Delay in Communication πŸ₯Ί

There has been significant delay in communication across our maintainers, interns and contributors :people_holding_hands: in the last few weeks. The main cause has been the change in work flow due to recent pandemic.

We are in process of fixing all delay. Things should be back on track soon

This has impacted our Internship applications as well. If you have applied but not received any update, do not worry. We will get back to you in a week, wrap up the screening task in a few days and get started with our Internship soon :smile:

We understand this makes the learning process difficult for all of us but together, we are moving towards resolving all delays and look towards a brighter future together :hugs:

Our maintainers are reaching out to all pending messages now and you should expect a reply soon :wind_face:

We expect to get on track in a few days and continue the good experience as before. Stay tuned :muscle: