Find the Lost project implementation

Find the Lost is opengenus project. It has the aim of creating APIs to track lost people.

I am having the same purpose to control child trafficking, find missing kids etc.

For the implementation, I was wondering if we should create a website (and app) where anyone like you and me can upload the photo and location detail of children roaming around railway stations, bus stations etc. as a beggar. On the other side parents can upload the photo of their missing kids. Our face matching algorithm can notify them as soon as we find any matching face.

Any inquiry will be invalidated after a certain period until the user keep it active.

Your contribution in terms of development, system design, technology advice, legal issues etc. will be helpful to make this project live.

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am in for Android app part, waiting other people to join system design, development etc :slight_smile:

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The most important thing that I can think right now is free backend server and legal advice. There should not be an issue to upload the picture of a child beggar over the net.

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All resources like server are taken care by OpenGenus for all projects that go to production. :tada:

The current system will be useful if it gets adopted widely. In general, the stated approach will be useful in incorporating other social features (like identifying a person in a local group) as well.

:reminder_ribbon:Yes, a legal advice on uploading image of a stranger may be necessary in this case.

All resources like server are taken care by OpenGenus for all projects that go to production. :tada:

Thanks for the server detail.

I read a news today about a group of 4-5 people in my area who have helped 170 people yet to find their families. There are many organizations who are already doing this thing manually. We can approach such communities and collaborate them to use “find the lost” application.

Let’s figure out legal issues. They can be different in each country.


That means we can design system like,

  • option for creating/joining such communities in selected area
  • post/report person details on community
  • we set the post expiry to some fixed say 1 week
  • notify post creator to extend on post expiry
  • post creator/community admin can delete/reject the post
  • if the admin approves to go public , make the post public
  • if post is public any one with app or web can interact with the post
    any suggesions/ideas/corrections? :slight_smile:

In my opinion, this system will not have any public post. People either can upload the photo of missing person or can report a person in doubt. In this way,

  • We’ll not leak any personal photograph to the public.
  • There will be less issues with law as everything is hidden
  • Less chances of misusing the system
  • No approval of admin is required.

The reason of keeping track on expired entries to reduce number of comparison and keep the system clean from the garbage as the face recognition and comparing with DB are heavy operations.

In addition, I would also suggest to have multiple admins so if any one is not active anymore, it’s maintenance should not be stopped.

For security reasons we can also put a provision of lazy approvals so even if an admin approves some action , other admins will have time to review and approve/challenge it.

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I can build a backend for this in django.Like it!

Thanks @Botbot . I believe we all can have different preferences of technologies. Eg mine is nodejs. But lets list down all the aspects we may have to cover and then decide which framework, programming language, and database can be used.

What is in top of mind right now is;

  1. Face, feature and attribute detection from a given image.
  2. Comparing multiple images as fast as possible
  3. Storing images and their metadata
  4. Dashboard to let user upload the photo.

Moreover, regarding discussion on law, I believe we can make certain T&C where user who is uploading the photo will be solely responsible to upload the photos of a victim with permission of the victim. In case of any dispute organization who is holding the ownership of the application will not be responsible.

seems alright,
image comparison ?

opencv may be?

Here is the first draft of screen designs. Screens designed for mobile can be reused for desktop or I can redesign them separately.


Please comment for modification or questions


OpenCV can be an option. I was looking for more ready made solutions (must be available) to reduce development effort.

We’ll also have to think about security and how can we compress and categorized data.

You are right about that.
Security is an important factor here.But the point is can you take photographs of kids who live around begging for money without getting seen as a threat, in a country where we do live, people are accused more than they are supported for the good.

It’s a challenging and risky task. But many people do. To reduce risk, you may just take the photo of a children roaming on railway platforms. I believe it is a safe place. You can also take the photos of children who are coming to your car or home. Many times you can contribute by awaring others instead of putting yourself on the risk. There are many NGOs, like, who can help us.

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I would also like to hear your thoughts on how this system can be misused and precautions we should make.

Eg. What if a bad seeker uses this system to find someone escaped etc.

Any suggestion, feedback, or correction on the screenshots, concepts, or approach we’ve discussed so far?


am OK with mobile app UI designs

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The design looks good. In my opinion, this system will be more useful if we develop it as a human management system for NGOs along with the face detection feature serving as a central feature.

It will be hard to use it for wrong purpose if a public user is restricted to only uploading pictures and contacting nearby NGOs. If we verify NGO access and the NGOs ensure access to verified persons, then it should be safe. :relaxed:

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Thanks for the response. I forgot to design registration form. If other pages needed let me know. We should have an option on login page to register as NGOs or other firms with necessary proofs. We can enable them from the backend. Having SMS verification can also be good. But sending SMS worldwide will be costly. So leave it for the time being.

Now I believe we need technology decision, and back-end design. I would also love to meet the team personally if living nearby (may be sometime in future)

I’m currently working on riot svg to give a support to imglab. So I’ll resume to work on design from week. imblab may help in this project as well. Let’s see when we come to the development.

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As we move forward, we will certainly arrange a meetup :family_man_woman_girl_boy: soon

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