Find the Lost project implementation


(Amit Gupta) #21

I’ve done with initial changes of imglab v2 and now got busy with guiding startups to use निम्न. This will keep happening.

So let’s make some plan and start even If we give few hours or a day in a week.

Let me know if someone has already made some execution plan?

(Aditya Chatterjee) #22

The first step should be to break the project into small tasks and prepare the task list. Once done, we can assign or self-assign sub-tasks and work over them to get this into action.
Few contributions over time will eventually bring this to reality. :smile:

(10) #23

where will be the project management hosted?
Trello or Github ?
BTW am in for an android app :slight_smile:

(Aditya Chatterjee) #24

We shall keep project discussions :thought_balloon: at Discourse.

(Amit Gupta) #25

Here is the updated wire frames for mobile application.

Let me know if something is missing.

(Amit Gupta) #26

“Discourse” is good for discussion. But we need some other place for project management. I believe bitbucket should be good in starting during the implementation process then in future, we can decide if we should move to Github/ Gitlab or something else. However free account will limit team size of 5 members only and we’ll not be able to take opensource contribution from others. So not sure. Moreover this project in itself will be having many components which should be managed independently so clubbing all under same project will not be a good idea but under an organization.

Bitbucket and github both has kanban style project management tool.

I’m working on architecture part and the list of components this application will need. I’ll update that soon.

(Amit Gupta) #27

Can you please start working on a generic sign in/up system in your spare time? We’ll link it to this application later.

(Aditya Chatterjee) #28

Looks good.

We must use GitHub for management.
The authentication must be integrated with our Discourse forum and hence, use SSO for Discourse :+1:

(Amit Gupta) #29

Here are the components I can currently think. To save the cost of running servers, we can maintain the image DB out of the cloud, where a job can matched newly uploaded images against saved images. The job can be scheduled for on demand or off peak hours, if we go for everything on cloud.


@aditya thanks to share the line. Let me check it.

(10) #30

you have psd/sketch/gravit designer files?

(Amit Gupta) #31

:frowning: I’ve designed them in Can it help? I doubt if it can. But it can generate PDF.

(10) #32

sharable link available ?
any way to extract icons from it or can you share assets used in ui?

(Amit Gupta) #33

Icons that I used in UI are : 3 line, 3 dots, search , rotate, and camera. I think they can be easily available on the net. Do you mean something different?

Background image on login page may raise copyright issue. So either we’ll have to search some royalty free image, or will have to snap one.