How to use OpenGenus Task Lists?


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This is a short guide on using the task lists for various OpenGenus projects.

Step 1: Choose a task for contribution :hamburger:

You must select a task to proceed further for contribution. You may choose a task from the list or propose a task of your own. Note that the task lists are a very small set of possible contributions.

In case, you choose a task which is not in the list, do add it in the list by editing it as it is a wiki.

Consider the Cosmos Task List and we have chosen the following task (Add Python code for topological sort):


Step 2: Self-assign a task :man_astronaut: :woman_astronaut:

You need to self-assign a task to avoid multiple members working on the same task.
Beside the task, add the following text ((self-assigned to @<username> (<small detail>))
Click the edit button to self-assign a task.

Consider the following example:


Step 3: Make your wonderful contribution :blush:

To make a pull request, follow this easy to follow guide.

Your contribution will be merged soon :tada:


Step 4: Continuing your journey :train2:

Once your contribution is merged, you must remove the self-assigned note from the task list and move on to your next big contribution. Get in touch with us to customize your journey and enjoy to the fullest.

Believe us, you are great.
Enjoy your journey :bullettrain_side: at OpenGenus :smile:

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