Multirepo explained

Multirepo is a software architecture which means a separate repository for each project. Each project is an independent working unit. It has minimum tooling investment and is in use at companies such as Amazon and Netflix.

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I was just curious, is there any difference between multirepo architecture and microservices?

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You can think of microservices as a software design architecture where the aim is to keep maximum parts of code independent/ loosely coupled.

On the other hand, monorepo and multirepo can be seen as a code management architecture.

A software following the microservices architecture can be implemented/ managed as a monorepo as well as multirepo. Let me know if this clears the difference :+1:

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Yeah i got it, thanks.
But i am not aware about microrepo, is it like using single repo for multiple projects?

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Yes, I meant monorepo

It is similar to using a single repository for independent projects. Bazel is an open source example of monorepo architecture

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