ONNX format for interchangeable AI models

The Open Neural Network Exchange Format (ONNX) is a new standard/ format for exchanging deep learning models. It will make deep learning models portable thus preventing vendor lock in.

The idea is that you can train a model with one tool stack and then deploy it using another for inference and prediction

There are several benefits of ONNX such as:
  • You can use a framework to train your model and use another framework for inference/ deployment.
  • A single framework need not be complete and support everything from training to deployment challenges (Network protocols, efficient allocation, parameter sharing). Each framework can do a small section and all of them can be glued together by ONNX.
  • Depending upon the runtime environment/ situation, you can use any framework according to your advantage
  • Any tools exporting ONNX models can benefit ONNX-compatible runtimes and libraries designed to maximize performance on some of the best hardware in the industry

ONNX is being developed by three industry giants:
ONNX is being supported by the following companies as well:

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