OpenGenus Cosmos Search Task List


(Aditya Chatterjee) #1

Cosmos Search is a search engine focused on developer productivity.

Cosmos Search on GitHub

See this guide to understand how to use this task list. Once you choose a task, you can discuss with mentors to gain further knowledge on how to approach the feature. Following is a small collection of scopes you may contribute to:

Human Curated Lists

This is the easiest contribution path.

  • Add an existing or new readme list to Cosmos Search such as:
    • List of top free developer software
    • List of web frameworks
    • List of popular paper in various topics


  • Add new news sources to our existing news feature
  • Index open-source projects based on various metrics like star, fork and others
  • Index/ crawl selective sites to produce external quality results
  • Integrate our Discourse forum with the search engine
  • Integrate web tools such as:
    • Weight conversion tool
    • Length conversion tool
    • Colour conversion tool such as RGB to HSV
    • Colour choosing tool
    • Currency conversion tool
  • Suggest jobs as fetched from external job portals
  • Add social profiles from Twitter and Facebook based on search terms

(Tamoghno Das) #2

I would like to start contributing. Could someone help me?

(Aditya Chatterjee) #3

Hi Tamoghno, it will be my pleasure to help you. I have sent you a message to guide you further :smile: