OpenGenus Internship: UI/ UX Developer, Intern

This is the post for the Internship position for UI/ UX Developer, Intern at OpenGenus :smile:

We accept internship applications all year round. :earth_africa:

Key points:

  • The minimum duration of internship is 1 month
  • You get to work on technologies/ tasks you prefer
  • Working on tasks for around 2 hours per day is effective

Flow: :bullettrain_side:

  • Apply for the Internship
  • Attempt the 40 minutes screening task
  • Get on board and get paired with your mentor
  • Get started on tasks at one of our open-source projects at OpenGenus

Responsibilities: :baguette_bread:

  • Implement various user interfaces in our open-source projects
  • Conduct usability study and reach conclusions
  • Interact with users and design new interface wireframes
  • Participate in team discussions

Related skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, frontend frameworks

We welcome everyone hence, the skill list is only for reference and is optional

What will you get? :smile:

  • Internship completion certificate
  • A general recommendation letter + recommendation on social profiles like LinkedIn
  • Mentorship + a dedicated mentor to work with
  • Recommendation for special purpose such as Graduate School applications/ jobs
  • For other guidance, just ask us and we will help you

How to apply? :envelope_with_arrow:

Step 1: Fill the 1 minute Form

You need to fill this short form to get started with the internship position. It, usually, takes a minute to fill this form

Step 2: Contact Community Leaders

Directly message @aditya with the topic title: β€œGetting started: <Your Name>” and express your interest in the position.

Your mentor will follow up with your screening task and guide you through the rest of the process.

Best of luck :tada: