OpenGenus IQ Machine Learning task list

Writing about ‘Commonly Used Neural Networks’!

Writing about ‘Flattened Convolution’.

Worked on SpineNet, Thanks

@aditya pls assign me topic posenet model

@aditya Please send me invite for the Opengenus IQ editor. I want to write for Neural style transfer.

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I will be writing about transposed convolution

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Worked on Types of NLP models

@aditya As per our discussion i will be writing about Gradient Boosted Decision Trees

@aditya I have written an article but i’m unable to publish it

Hi! I will be working on, “Combinatorial Graph Problems and ADMM”

@aditya Thanks for the opportunity. I will start writing on “Adam Optimizer.”

Hi. I will begin working on on “Recurrent Neural Network architecture”

Hi @aditya , I decided to write article on PCA. Please guide me and respond to my message as soon as possible. Thank you so much!

Hi @aditya , please assign me to “PCA vs LDA”. I’m ready.

I’m gonna work on SeqtoSeq @aditya

would like to work on Recurrent Neural Network

@aditya I’ll be working on Support Vector Regression

Writing on gradient ascent

I will be working on “ReLU6 in ML”.

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