OpenGenus IQ Machine Learning task list

I will be working on “Uses of Deep Learning for Transportation”.

Please assign me logistic regression

I’ll be writing on Semi-supervised classification of Forest Fires using Autoencoders.

I will be working on Adam optimizer

(post deleted by author)

@aditya , please assign me Backpropagation Algorithm

I would like to work on Non-negative matrix factorization (NMF) please !

I would like to work on Multi-label classification

I’ll be working on Non-negative matrix factorization vs PCA :smiling_face:

I’m working on Regression dilution

I am working on Lotka’s Law .

@aditya Completed my task on Lotka’s law.

@aditya I am working on Gradient clipping.

@aditya I have done my task on “Gradient clipping”.

Assign me “Correlation vs causation”

Assign me “Cold start and Data sparsity problem in Recommender system”

(post deleted by author)

@aditya I have completed Polyak Gradient. Please check it.

@aditya I have completed my work on “Concept and Data Drift in Deep Learning ”. Please do check.