Screening task for Algorithm and Data-Structure Developer, Intern

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This is the screening task for the Algorithm and Data-Structure Developer, Intern role :smile:

On average, it takes one around 40 minutes to complete the task but do not worry, you have two days to work on it.


Your task is to:

  • Write an article at OpenGenus IQ :brain: on any topic of your choice.
  • Code a solution for the problem and open a pull request at Cosmos (optional).

The topic should be related to the domain you would like to work on during the internship.

Once you have chosen a topic, inform you mentor and ask for any advice if you need. Immediately, get started on the article by creating a new article.

You should have received an email invite to OpenGenus IQ. Check spam section and join it. If not, ask your mentor.

This is the writing guide which will give you a basic idea of how to write any article.

The topic you choose should be related to algorithms such as dynamic programming, bitwise algorithm and others. To guide you, we have compiled task lists from which you can chose a task

You can choose a topic which is not available in the list as well.

We will assess this task on the following basis:

  • Your ability to explain ideas in basic terms
  • Your ability to code solutions
  • Your formatting style for the article

It is expected that you will complete this task in 2 days .

Note : You are free to consult the web while doing this task and you can choose any programming language (like Python) to complete this task provided a code will help the article.

For any queries regarding this task, get in touch with your mentor or send an email to

How to submit the task?

  • Share the preview URL of your article with your mentor
  • Share the pull request URL (if applicable) with your mentor

Once done, you need to inform us/ your mentor and send the required information and we will review your work and based on individual feedbacks, we will convey you the result within three days.

Best of luck :smile:

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