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(Aditya Chatterjee) #1

OpenGenus IQ :brain: is a platform to present knowledge in an accessible way. It is designed to provide the best online learning experience on the web.

We do put a lot of research and thought into each feature and deliver new UI features frequently.

This topic is to collect feedback on improving the learning experience on the platform. You can suggest any feature :sparkles: and see it live soon. This is for opinions related to platform experience. Feel free to give your thoughts. Your feedback and ideas are important to us. It will help us improve and structure the future of the platform :rocket:

We will collect feedback related to content at a later point.

OpenGenus IQ :brain: :

Submit your feedback and thoughts :thought_balloon: related to user interface and experience on OpenGenus IQ in this post :smile:

(Achraf) #2

Hello here are some comments and feedback about IQ

  • The first thing I noticed (not related to UI though) , the site has a major lack in content , It need to to push more content to users as frequently as possible . I think bringing more writers who can write about different areas would help.(or even allow the users to submit their own articles)

  • Second , I think the black Social media buttons at below the article title are way too small and unnoticeable , and for mobile it is even harder to do so.

  • Third , the artcle title as well as the home page cards have a color-changing effect on hover , this is not user friendly and evey bothering , I think changing it to a uniform color would make it a lot better.

  • Finally the home page banner has a lot of text that drive the user’s attention awy from what is important, I think we need to move that to a page called “Who we are” Or “Our vision” and change the banner to hold only the title along a good looking background image.

Hope this helps make IQ better .

(Aditya Chatterjee) #3

Hi, thanks for your valuable feedback.

Yes, the home page must be redesigned to bring the focus more on content than other details.
We will, surely, have significant content in a month which will make experiences more complete and enriching. :sparkles:
We will make changes according to your feedback :muscle:

Feel free to share further feedback you may have :smile:

(Double U23) #4

in my opinion its crucial for usability to add an Category-Navigation (like in posts detail view)