Task List: Algorithms

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This is a task list focused on Algorithm topics for OpenGenus IQ :brain: and Cosmos

See this guide to understand how to use this task list. Message @aditya if you need any help. You may work on uncompleted tasks, improve existing work and add questions for a completed task. See published posts here

Following is a small collection of scopes you may contribute to:

Search algorithms

Sorting algorithms

Graph algorithms

Computational geometry

Dynamic programming

  • Subset with sum divisible by m (assigned to @GeniGaus)
  • Longest repeated subsequence
  • Maximum sum bitonic subsequence
  • Tile Stacking Problem (assigned to @saddhu1005)
  • Number of ways to form a heap with n distinct integers
  • Ways to write n as sum of two or more positive integers (assigned to @sajal_tikariha)
  • Longest Arithmetic Progression (assigned to @sajal_tikariha)
  • Unbounded Knapsack Algorithm (assigned to @masters_abh)
  • Coin change problem
  • Subset sum problem (assigned to @isha-gautam)
  • Assembly Line Scheduling (assigned to @karna98)
  • Edit distance problem (assigned to @rajashree23)
  • Cutting a Rod to maximize profit (1D -DP) (assigned to @startech)

[add your list]

Greedy algorithms

  • Minimum product subset in an array
  • Maximum product subset in an array
  • Divide 1 to n into two groups with minimum sum difference
  • Split n into maximum composite numbers
  • Maximize the sum of arr[i]*i
  • Minimum sum of products of two array
  • Largest lexicographic array with atmost K consecutive swaps
  • Smallest subset with sum greater than all other elements
  • Activity Selection problem (assigned to @shreya-singh)
  • Job sequencing problem (assigned to @masters_abh)
  • Fractional Knapsack Problem (assigned to @shreya-singh)
  • Huffman Coding (assigned to @dldisha)

[add your list]


  • Square root Decomposition
  • Euclidean GCD algorithm (assigned to @arunesh)
  • Minimum insertion to make shortest palindrome (@mishramonalisha76)
  • Multiple array range increments in linear time (assigned to @r0uxt1)
  • Binary Lifting and LCA (assigned to @arshad2117)
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(Aditya Chatterjee) made this topic public #2
(Saranya Jena) #3

assign me topological sort

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(robot jelly ) #4

assign me radix sort

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(Abhinav Kaushlya) #5

Hey @aditya could you let me know how can I assign myself? Thank you :slight_smile:

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(Ragahv Dalmia) #6

I want to write code for circle sort in c++. Please assign it to me.

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(Aditya Chatterjee) #7

If you want to work on a particular task, you need to get the invite for OpenGenus IQ and then, comment your interest as others. We will assign it to you
You can directly message me for guidance as well :+1:

(Harshita Sahai) #8

Hey can you please assign me the Fibonacci search.
Thank You

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(Abhinav Kaushlya) #9

assign me Hamiltonian cycle

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(Shreya Singh) #10

(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 2400 hours unless flagged)

(Abhinav) #11

Unbounded Knapsack Algorithm

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(Shreya Singh) #12

@aditya Please assign me Comb Sort

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(Spider8801) #13

Hi I am @Spider8801 assign me Krushkal’s Algorithm

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(Pradyumn Sinha) #14

Hey, assign me tarjan algorithm

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(robot jelly ) #15

assign me Cycle Sort !! please !!

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(robot jelly ) #16

@aditya please assign me Cycle Sort!!

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(Akshit Aggarwal) #17

Assign me Fuzzy Search

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(Isha Gautam) #18

Please assign me Bipartite Checking

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(Isha Gautam) #19

I’d like to add a topic in Dynamic Programming:
Please assign me Coin Change problem.

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(Shreya Singh) #20

@aditya Please assign me Activity Selection problem

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