Task List: C programming

(Aditya Chatterjee) #1

This is a task list focused on C programming language topics for OpenGenus IQ :brain: and Cosmos

See this guide to understand how to use this task list. Message @aditya if you need any help. You may work on uncompleted tasks, improve existing work and add questions for a completed task.

Following is a small collection of scopes you may contribute to:

Data types in C


  • typedef
  • struct
  • union
  • variables

Control flow

Memory allocation

  • Static memory allocation (assigned to @shreyagupta30)
  • Dynamic memory allocation (assigned to @shreyagupta30)
  • malloc vs calloc vs realloc (done by @Harshita)
  • new and free
  • heap variables
  • static variables
  • memset
  • memcpy vs memmove
  • memory leaks in C
  • Detecting memory leaks using Valgrind
  • Pointers + Pointer arithmetic (like ++*p)
  • * vs ** pointer in C

Input/ Output

Standard library

  • sorting using stdlib.h
  • searching using stdlib.h
  • rounding and truncating numbers using math.h
  • power and exponentiation using math.h
  • trigonometric functions using math.h
  • polar coordinate conversion using math.h
  • using signal.h in C
  • stddef.h
  • stdio.h
  • stdarg.h
  • String manipulation using string.h
  • time.h
  • limits.h
  • errno.h
  • ctype.h

Object oriented programming

  • Inheritence (assigned to @Vaibhav)
  • multilevel inheritance in C
  • multiple inheritance in C
  • hybrid inheritance in C


  • functions (assigned to @Harshita)
  • pointer functions
  • pass array to function
  • pass struct to function
  • pass union to function
  • recursion (done by @Harshita)



(Aditya Chatterjee) made this topic public #2

(Harshita Sahai) #3

Please assign for loop to me so that I can start contributing.

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(Harshita Sahai) #4

I would like to write about malloc calloc and realloc do assign me.
Thank You

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(Vartikayadav) #5

Sir , I would like to write about bitwise operators in c.

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(Shreya Gupta) #6

Assign me memory allocation


(Vartikayadav) #7

Sir i would like to write about error handling in C.

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(Vaibhav Gupta) #8

Sir, I would like to write on inheritance in c.

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(Manbir Singh Marwah) #9

@aditya can you please assign me printf and scanf?


(Manbir Singh Marwah) #10

@aditya can you please assign me printf and scanf?


(Shreyarastogi) #11

Please assign do while loop to me.

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(Harshita Sahai) #12

Please assign me recursion.
Thank You

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(Harshita Sahai) #13

Please do assign me functions.

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(Harshit kaushik) #14

Hello ,
I would like to contribute, please assign me “passing array to function”.
Thank You


(Shreyarastogi) #15

hey! please assign the while loop to me.

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(Shreya Gupta) #16

Please assign me dynamic memory allocation.

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(Harshita Sahai) #17

Please do assign me break statement.

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(robot jelly ) #18

Please assign me Storage Class (auto, extern, static, register)!!

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(Harshita Sahai) #19

Please do assign me goto statement.

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