Task List: C++ programming

Hey @aditya! Please Assign me Queue Container STL

I will write about Different ways to append two vector in C++ STL

I will write on Different ways to Iterate String word by word

I will write about "const int*, const int * const and int const * in C++ ”

(post deleted by author)

  • malloc
  • calloc

Please assign me these two

working on β€œtypedef vs using in C++”

I will be working on static_cast, dynamic_cast, const_cast and reinterpret_cast in C++

I will write about copy and swap idiom in C++

I will write about POD type in C++

I would like to take up segmentation fault under c++

please assign me inheritence topic

Detect unsigned integer overflow in C++

Please assign me β€œ2D Map in C++”.

i want to do c++ topic on c++ libraries on sets