Task List: C++ programming

I will write about POD type in C++

I would like to take up segmentation fault under c++

please assign me inheritence topic

Detect unsigned integer overflow in C++

Please assign me “2D Map in C++”.

i want to do c++ topic on c++ libraries on sets

My assigned topic: Min / Max Heap in C++ using STL

topic assigned permutation operation in c++

I am willing to work on the following article.

please do Assign me vectors

Assign me “Different ways to find element in queue C++ STL”

@aditya , Please assign me for “wstring in C++”

Please assign me stack::push and stack::pop

@aditya Please assign me sorting a 2D Vector

@aditya Please assign me vector::erease

@aditya please assign me malloc()

working on Different ways to iterate over a vector in c++ STL

Kindly assign me for Extract numbers from string in C++ and store in vector.

I have completed the task of C++ task list on Control Flow topic.

assign me on trees or assign me on linked list