Task List: Data Structures

(Aditya Chatterjee) #1

This is a task list focused on Data Structure topics for OpenGenus IQ :brain: and Cosmos

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Message @aditya if you need any help. You may work on uncompleted tasks, improve existing work and add questions for a completed task. See published posts here

Following is a small collection of scopes you may contribute to:

Basic data structures

Intermediate data structures

Advanced data structures

Probabilistic data structures

  • Bloom filter
  • Count Min sketch
  • Skip list (assigned to @Robotjelly123)
  • Treap
  • Quotient filter
  • Rapidly-exploring Random Tree (RRT)

Kinetic data structure

  • Kinetic heap
  • Kinetic sorted list
  • Kinetic minimum spanning tree
  • Kinetic tournament/ priority queue

Problems / Applications of above data structures

  • Infix to postfix using Stack (assigned to @piyush26c)
  • Count inversions in an array using Fenwick Tree
(Infinite Verma) #3

(self assigned to @InfiniteVerma)

(Shubhampaliwal95) #4

I want to write article and code on

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(Vidya) #5

Assign Binomial Heap to @vidya

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(Anu Kumari Gupta) #6

Assign me Stack using queue

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(Yao Yao) #7

Please assign Hash Map to @cat, thanks!

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(Lakshmi Angadi) #8

Please assign me Doubly Linked list

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(Vedant Wakalkar) #9

I want to work on Circular queue.

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(Rohit Kumar) #10

I want to work on Fibonacci Heap. Please assign me for this task.

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(Spider8801) #11

I want to work on Bloom Filter

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(Spider8801) #12

Please assign me Probabilistic data structure: Bloom Filter @aditya

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(robot jelly ) #13

@aditya please assign me Skip List Under Probabilistic data structures!!

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(robot jelly ) #14

@aditya please assign me Queue using Stack data structure !!

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(Piyush Chaudhari) #15

@aditya Assign me Infix to postfix using stack

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(Lakshmi Angadi) #16

I would like to work on XOR linked list . Please assign me that

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(K Gabriela Lugo) #17

Could you assign me Priority Queue?

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(Soumyajit Deb) #18

(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 2400 hours unless flagged)

(Soumyajit Deb) #19

@aditya assign me singly linked list

(Medha Sawhney) #20

Assign me lowest common ancestor in a binary tree.

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(Yash Aggarwal) #21

@aditya Please assign radix tree to me.

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