Task List: Java programming

Congratulations on considering to write at OpenGenus IQ :brain: for Java language.

This is a small list of topics that you can write about Java :books: Programming Language.

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Following is the list of topics:

Memory management

Variable, Data-type and Operators

  • Variable, Data-type and Operators (assigned to @yifan97)
    • Primitive data types
    • Arithmetic data types
    • Operator types
    • Operator precedence
    • Type conversion

Input and Output

  • Input and output with streams
  • File stream
  • Buffered stream
  • Chaining streams
  • Using default file system
  • Using ZIP file system

Control Flow

  • If else (assigned to @sherlockbeard)
  • For loop (assigned)
  • While loop (assigned)
  • Do while loop (assigned)
  • continue (assigned)
  • break (assigned)
  • Switch case (assigned to @yashkmr99)

User defined data types

  • Classes + Objects (assigned to @janvi04)
  • this reference
  • null reference
  • Encapsulation (assigned to @janvi04)
  • access modifier (assigned to @janvi04)
  • constructors (assigned to @akandoria)
  • class initializers
  • blocks


  • Inheritance basics (assigned to @janvi04)
  • Typed references
  • Member hiding and overriding
  • Super reference
  • Using Final and abstract
  • Multiple inheritance

Data types

  • String class
  • StringBuilder class (assigned to @ajaybechara1)
  • Wrapper class (assigned to @phm_123)
  • Final field and enumeration types
  • String equality

Exceptions and error handling

  • Throwing exceptions (assigned to @Robotjelly123)
  • Custom exceptions
  • Error handling by exception
  • Error handling by type

Java Collections


  • Generic class (assigned to @Lechenco)
  • Generic object
  • Type bound
  • Reflection introduction (assigned to @navyapraniyath)
  • Class literals
  • Reflecting types
  • Reflecting generic information


  • Thread (assigned to @Robotjelly123)
  • Process (assigned to @hemanthsavasere)
  • CPU time sharing Thread scheduler
  • Race condition
  • Reentrant lock
  • Deadlock (assigned to @Priyanka488)
  • Producer consumer problem using wait and notify
  • Ordering read write operations on multi-core CPU
  • Implementing a thread safe Singleton on multi-core CPU

Design patterns in Java

  • Observer pattern
  • Command Pattern
  • Singleton Pattern
  • Builder Pattern
  • Factory Pattern
  • Abstract Factory Pattern
  • Null Pattern


  • Packages (assigned to @navyapraniyath)
  • Interface (assigned to @navyapraniyath)
  • Generic interface
  • Static members (assigned to @janvi04)
  • Inner classes
  • Nested types
  • Anonymous class
  • Static initialization blocks
  • java.time package (assigned to @Lechenco)

Hi,my topic this time is “HashMap”


hi , assign me if else

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Please assign thread under concurrency !!!

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Please assign me Variable, Data-type and Operators

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Please assign me classes and objects(user defined data types).

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Please assign me constructors (under user-defined data types)

Please assign me data types.

Please assign throwing exception in java

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please assign me MAP under java collections

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Please assign me to Stacks under Java Collections. Thank you!

Please assign me to Input and output with streams under Input and Output.

Please assign me Encapsulation under User defined data types.

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@aditya Assign me Inner Class, String Builder or Genric Class.

Will be writing on Constructors

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I have been assigned Java Collection Framework - Queue

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Hashset assigned to @SwagCse

Please assign me Switch case (under Control Flow).

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@aditya My topic is Set

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please assign me access modifiers under user defined data types.

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