Task List: Python programming

Congratulations on considering to write at OpenGenus IQ :brain: for Python language.

This is a small list of topics that you can write about Python :books: Programming Language.

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Following is the list of topics:


  • scalar variable types
  • variable type system
  • int
  • string (assigned)
  • boolean and none
  • variable scope
  • docstring (assigned to @Tanmayi)
  • descriptors (assigned to @manan45)
  • virtual environment pipenv (assigned to @shubhank19)
  • virtual environments using Ananconda (assigned to @shubhank19)
  • virtualenvwrapper
  • conda
  • create a python executable

Flow control

Object Oriented Programming


Design patterns in Python

  • Observer pattern
  • Command Pattern
  • Singleton Pattern
  • Builder Pattern
  • Factory Pattern
  • Abstract Factory Pattern
  • Null Pattern

Bitwise programming

  • bitwise operation on integers
  • byte array
  • memoryview type
  • memory mapped files

Object internals

  • object internals (assigned to @code0987)
  • Override __getattr__
  • Override __setattr__
  • Override __delattr__
  • direct vs indirect access to __dict__
  • where is method stored?




  • Python execution model (assigned to @shubhank19)
  • Unit test with unittest module (assigned to @verma-ananya)
  • Debugging with PDB (assigned to @CoolSonu39)
  • try else
  • dask dataframes (assigned to @Soumya)
  • Typing in Python, Go and JavaScript (assigned to @iamrajiv)
  • pandas series (assigned to @akki3d76)
  • pandas dataframe
  • [add your own topic]




@aditya please assign me tuple

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I am interested in completing if else elif @aditya :slight_smile:

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please assign me for loop

Please assign me dictionary @aditya


Assign me to writing and reading text files @aditya

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Please assign me lambda function under flow control !!!

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Can you please assign me to range function under collection @aditya

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@aditya please assign me yield

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Please assign me to class and debugging with PDB @aditya

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@aditya please assign me list

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I want to work on metaclass, please assign this to me.

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@aditya please assign me duck typing

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Hi, assign me to exception handling i.e., try else @aditya

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@aditya please assign me for loops

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Please assign me for loop

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@aditya Please assign me to Object internals.

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assign me while loop

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