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assigned Snake Game with RL

@aditya please assign me bytearray in Python

@aditya please assign me bytearray in Python

assign me to object from oops @aditya

This is the topic assigned to me “Implement Trie in Python using OOP”. @aditya

Assigned topic Different ways to remove element from List in Python @aditya


@aditya please assign me task 1 “Generate random password in Python”

@aditya please assign me Multi-thread Python program to find all prime numbers < N.

@aditya please assign me Multithreading in Python.

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@aditya Please assign me Python script to like recent tweets with a particular hashtag

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Please assign me a topic on object oriented programming specifically on inheritance

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```// The base publisher class includes subscription management
// code and notification methods.
class EventManager is
    private field listeners: hash map of event types and listeners

    method subscribe(eventType, listener) is
        listeners.add(eventType, listener)

    method unsubscribe(eventType, listener) is
        listeners.remove(eventType, listener)

    method notify(eventType, data) is
        foreach (listener in listeners.of(eventType)) do

// The concrete publisher contains real business logic that's
// interesting for some subscribers. We could derive this class
// from the base publisher, but that isn't always possible in
// real life because the concrete publisher might already be a
// subclass. In this case, you can patch the subscription logic
// in with composition, as we did here.
class Editor is
    public field events: EventManager
    private field file: File

    constructor Editor() is
        events = new EventManager()

    // Methods of business logic can notify subscribers about
    // changes.
    method openFile(path) is
        this.file = new File(path)
        events.notify("open", file.name)

    method saveFile() is
        events.notify("save", file.name)

    // ...

// Here's the subscriber interface. If your programming language
// supports functional types, you can replace the whole
// subscriber hierarchy with a set of functions.
interface EventListener is
    method update(filename)

// Concrete subscribers react to updates issued by the publisher
// they are attached to.
class LoggingListener implements EventListener is
    private field log: File
    private field message: string

    constructor LoggingListener(log_filename, message) is
        this.log = new File(log_filename)
        this.message = message

    method update(filename) is

class EmailAlertsListener implements EventListener is
    private field email: string
    private field message: string

    constructor EmailAlertsListener(email, message) is
        this.email = email
        this.message = message

    method update(filename) is
        system.email(email, replace('%s',filename,message))

// An application can configure publishers and subscribers at
// runtime.
class Application is
    method config() is
        editor = new Editor()

        logger = new LoggingListener(
            "Someone has opened the file: %s")
        editor.events.subscribe("open", logger)

        emailAlerts = new EmailAlertsListener(
            "Someone has changed the file: %s")
        editor.events.subscribe("save", emailAlerts)

This is for observer pattern in python

@aditya Please assign me Python program to print different patterns.

please assign me to string :>

I chose application structure of flask

Working on Python script to create Gist

Please assign me “Django using MySQL”

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