Task list: Web development/ System development/ HTML5 programming

I will be covering the Sleeping barber problem.

I will be covering objects in TypeScript

Working on Web Sockets vs REST.

I’ll be covering GNU/Linux & its history.

I’ll be covering Lock Convoy Problem

(post deleted by author)

i will be covering Different ways to take input in Python

Hi @aditya . I will be covering “Law of proximity” topic.

Hi @aditya . I will be covering HTTP from web basics

I will be covering types of HTTP response code

Introduction to Mern Stack

Hi! I will be doing the leaderless replication

Hello, I will be covering the Doherty Threshold.

I’ll be covering the head element.

I’ll be working on Zeigarnik effect in UX design

I will cover Tesler’s Law in UX Design

Working on Microservices and Monoliths.

Working on False-Consensus Effect in UX design

I will be working on “Occam’s Razor in UX design ”.

Law of Pragnanz in UX design