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Hello everyone,
I am a third year engineering Ict student at Ahmedabad University.I am quick learner and ready to explore new technologies and skills.I have successfully completed project on Sentiment analysis of emotions of audio signal using Librosa Library in Python and Principal component analysis of greyscale image for image compression.I have applied my application of doing internship at angellist and they replied with a positive reply .I would like to develop skills and gain experience.Alongwith this I like Mathematics and do competitive coding.I have completed project on Emplyment Recruitment System using Django,python,Mysql,css and html.Alongwith it I have also completed project on hotel management system using php , Mysql.
As in angellist I was asked by opengenus administration that my internship procedure will further be started by one of the mentors ,Looking forward for further steps.
Thanking you all.

I want to join as an Android Developer intern

Hello Everyone,
My name is Sandeep N S currently pursuing 3rd year in Information Science and Engineering at SJB Institute Of Technology, Bengaluru, India. I known Python and recently started learning Django. I am looking forward to contributing to Open Source Projects and to the learning experience through the OpenGenus Foundation Community.
Thank You.

Hey , I’m Aditya from India, currently studing computer science engineering . I have experience in machine learning and deep learning. I have worked on Deep Natural language Processing , Machine Translation , Time series Prediction etc. I’ll be happy to contribute to Quark and Cosmos.

I am Shreyas Subhedar from india. I am interested in DevOps and software developement and know how to work on different tools such as GitHub, Maven , Docker , Gradle , etc. Also I have good understanding of java, c++ language. I am also good in Data Structures and Algorithm.Currently looking for internship opportunities as software developer. Please let me know if I can make contribution and learn new things. Thank you

Hello everyone :slightly_smiling_face: , I am Aaishwary Jivnani. I am a pre-final year B.Tech(Computer Science) student looking forward to positively contribute to professional objectives. Adept at motivating self and others. Passionate about Mobile and Web Application Development. My stack includes C, C++, Python, JavaScript Frameworks, and Kotlin.

My name is Anshee Mongia and I am a first time contributor to open source. I am in the first year of my Bachelors in Technology. I have a basic knowledge of Data structures and Algorithms in Java, Python and C/C++.

@aditya Hey! I’m Sarthak and I’m a DSA and Machine learning enthusiast. I have filled the form and provided my preference as Data structures and algorithms development intern but I would also be comfortable with Machine Learning content development. Please direct me further. Thanks.

Hello Everyone :slight_smile: This is Riya Suntwal, a freshman at IGDTUW, pursuing Master of Computer Applications. I have a niche in Mobile App Development and I also like to make Web Applications look good. I wanted to Contribute on getting started with Flutter Development. So, Kindly guide me with the further steps.

I’m Ayush Pokhriyal from india. Pursuing B.Tech (cse) 2nd year. I’m good in android stuff. I have made some apps during my first year. I’m a quick learner and also know how to work in collaborative environment. Also, a week ago I started using github. Please, let me know how can I help you).

I am Aditi Sinha, I recently completed learning full stack web development and I am interested in trying my hands off on the topics I covered. I really liked this platform which encourages learning together, and it will be a pleasure being part of something like this.

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I m Mimansha Swarup , know abt python and ml , I m doing B.E cse 2nd year
it will be great to work with u

:grinning: hi everyone i am pranshu rastogi

i am currently i my 2nd year and love to do opensource and ML and DL

Hello I am Rutuja Kawade, wanted to apply for a machine learning intern position. Please let me hnow further process!

Hey, My names Mauricio and I’m interested in Java Development for Cosmos. I have experience with ADK and google Firebase.

I am Abhinav Gupta , interested in Software Engineering(Web Development) .You can take a look at my github profile, let me know how can I help you as I liked the idea of this foundation.

Hi, my name is Charlie and now I’m now in Seattle. I just happened to see this internship through Github. I’m very interested in Soft Engineering and Data Structure/Algorithm internships to enhance my skills by joing in an Open Source project. I’ve worked in two academic labs and a lot of coding expereince in Java and Python. :smiley:

Hi ,I am Krishna Teja from India. I am very interested to work in Machine learning field at OpenGenus.I have been working in the field of machine learning for the past 3 years. I am a computer science graduate and I have done my bachelors thesis using deep learning. I have done my research internship in the field of computer vision in a elite company. I also have an industry experience of 1 year where my designation is machine learning engineer.