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Hi. I am Azeez. My experience has been varied - started out with instrumentation and robotics. I have been involved in software development for a while and now hope to build a repository of ML tasks. I hope I can achieve that with an internship here

Hi I am Ali Haider from Pakistan, I joined here to learn deep about Data Structures and Algorithm, want to fulfill my dream which is to get a JOB in top tech company.

I hope this platform will help me to achieve this. Thanks in advance.

Hello I’m Dominick from Cameroon, my friends call me Dre, and my online pseudo is drec0xy. I’m a pythonista with interest in full-stack web development/design and machine learning

I look forward to being part of the team cheers.

Hey guys, I’m Akash R Chandran from India and I’m a second year student in B Tech in computer science and engineering. I passionate and love to contribute to open-source. I’m good at automating boring tasks and like to make web apps. Follow me on github by searching akashrchandran

Hi I am Mirudhula ,interested in datastructure and algorithm intern

I think, that I will really much like your site and everything that hs to do with it. I’ll try to do the internship, but I have to wait for my holiday, to have the time. But this project is awesome. Thank you for doing such a good thing!

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Hello! I’m Troy from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I’ve been self-teaching myself various programming languages / game developer engines for the last 5 years. I have agoraphobia with panic attack disorder, which has eventually gotten bad to the point I’ve been disabled from it.

I am most fluent in C# and am currently working through a wonderful book on C#10/.NET6. My hopes are someday I can find a position with a company that can accommodate my shortcomings and I can finally get off disability / shake that stigma.

I am participating in this year’s Hacktoberfest and found this site through that. I decided to go through an internship as a sort of “dry run” to an actual position, as well as learn about machine learning / how remote working operates.

Hi, I am Pramod from India. I am very much excited to work on algorithm and data structures.

hi i want to internship in DSA in cpp

Greetings !! I am Zubair and interested in Machine Learning internship and become part of this wonderful foundation.

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interested to be data structures intern

interested in algorithms and data structures

interested to be data structures intern

Interested to Software developer

Interested to be Algorithm and Data Structure Developer, Intern

Hi I am SaiRaju from Hyderabad, India. I have just completed my second year of my bachelors, I have some experience with data structures and algorithms and thinking of utilizing this summers as an opportunity for improving them, I as a hobby do software development and would continue it side by side, software development is something I am doing for over 6 months , I am hoping this open source community would really benefit me on my learning curve and i would be able to better my skillset and help others doing same

Hello everyone, my name is Arthur, and I’m based in Brazil. I work as a full-stack software developer with a primary focus on JavaScript/TypeScript and Node.js. I also have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Open-source projects have always captured my interest, and I’m eager to contribute to their development. In order to foster personal growth and contribute to the community, I am considering participating in an internship program, but I’m uncertain about which specific profile to pursue. I’m excited to embark on my first open-source journey and learn from the experience!