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(Aditya Chatterjee) #23

Hi Aditya, welcome to our OpenGenus community :family_man_woman_girl_boy:
You can take up one of the pending feature issues or suggest a new feature as well.

(Aditya Chatterjee) #24

Hi Ologunowa, we are glad to have you here. :smile:

You can take a look at one of the existing projects and/ or suggest and start a new project under OpenGenus resources. We have a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline which will come out in subsequent months. You can join one of these early stage projects as well.

Learning by doing in a collaborative environment is an effective path. You do have a valuable development skill of Ionic. We can suggest you contribution paths based on your interests. Feel free to get in touch. :email:

(Have You Met Nanu) #25

Hi, I am Vineet… Looking forward to working on algorithm and data structures.

(Vasu Dev) #26

Hello, It’s Vasu from India… Being a Good Programmer in C++, Python and Javascript, I would like to contribute to this Open Source Project

(Aditya Chatterjee) #27

Hi Vineet, we are glad to have you here. :smile:
You may take a look at Cosmos and OpenGenus IQ :+1:

(Aditya Chatterjee) #28

Hi Vasu, we are pleased to have you here. :smile:
We have a lot of upcoming projects where you can start your journey :bullettrain_side:

(Utkarsh Gupta) #29

Hi Everyone!
I’m Utkarsh Gupta. 1st year student.
GitHub: https://github.com/utkarsh2102/
Email: guptautkarsh2102@gmail.com

I’d like to join the Slack channel and would love to have the organisation invite link as well :smiley:
Looking forward to contribute to the organisation :heart:

(Ayush Goel) #30

Hi I am Ayush from Jaipur, India. I have just completed my second year of my bachelors, I have some experience with data structures and algorithms and thinking of utilizing this summers as an opportunity for improving them, I as a hobby do Android development and would continue it side by side, Android development is something I am doing for over 8 months now and now i could consider myself as an intermediate Android developer, I am hoping this open source community would really benefit me on my learning curve and i would be able to better my skillset and help others doing same

(Aditya Chatterjee) #31

Hi Utkarsh, we are pleased to have you here at OpenGenus :smile:

(Aditya Chatterjee) #32

Hi Ayush, we are glad to have you here at OpenGenus :smile:
We have have a lot of scopes of contributions where you can fit in and develop your skills :muscle:

(Uddeshya Singh) #33

Hello everyone!
I am Uddeshya Singh, 2nd year Computer Science Student.
I am interested in Machine and Deep Learning along with Data Analysis. I am new to Open Source and would love some guidance along the way.

Looking forward to help the community grow!

(Olawale Dosunmu) #34

Hi! I am Wale from Nigeria. I’m an aspiring data scientist and a business intelligence analyst, I have experience working with Pyhton, R and SQL. How may I contribute?

(Aditya Chatterjee) #35

Hi Uddeshya, :smile: welcome to OpenGenus. We are pleased to help you begin your open source journey :bullettrain_side:

(Aditya Chatterjee) #36

Hi Olawale, :smile: we are pleased to have you at OpenGenus as an Intern. We look forward to make an impact together.

(Logan 47) #37

I am Ashish singh,Computer science 2nd year student.
I am looking forward to contributing to algorithms and
also insterested in web development .
I am new to opensource so seeking for some guidence :blush:

(Parikshit Hooda) #38

Hi all! I am Parikshit from India. I am into web development and related stuff. Got here through GitHub OpenGenus org. Found that I can contribute to a better education for everyone. Let’s see. Hope to have a fun and learning experience.

(Aditya Chatterjee) #39

Hi Ashish, :smile: welcome to OpenGenus.
I messaged you for better guidance. We are pleased to help you begin your open source journey :bullettrain_side:

(Aditya Chatterjee) #40

Hi Parikshit, :smile: welcome to OpenGenus.
We hope you enjoy your journey at OpenGenus :family_man_woman_girl_boy:

(Adarsh Kumar Singh) #41

Hello, everyone…! Adarsh here from DELHI INDIA.
I am a full-stack developer and have experience with NoSQL database.I will like to contribute in UI/UX design.
I am new to open source and would love your guidance and help along the way.

(Sambhav Jain) #42

Hello Community!
I am Sambhav Jain, pursuing my B.S. in Computer Science from University of Delhi, India. I look forward to contributing to OpenGenus Foundation. You can have a look at my GitHub profile for more info on my developer background.