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(Grey White Stanley) #64

Hi, I’m Grey from Nigeria and am interested with everything that has to do with algorithm, programming and analysis. My humble self is glad is to be here and can’t wait start. Thank you Opengenus for this awesome initiative.

(Shubham kumar) #65

hi I am shubham from india.I am into algos and AI and data handling related stuff and would love to contribute here

(Abdallah Khaled) #66

Hi, my name is Abdallah Khaled. I have working experience in Embedded Systems and Automotive industry. I also have knowledge in data structures and OOP. I am looking to learn new things especially linux.

Looking forward to contribute to open source projects

(Surbhi Singh) #67

Hi. :blush:
I am Surbhi Singh from Delhi, India. I am trying to start contributing to Open Source and am more than glad and excited to have discovered OpenGenus!
I am a software person, well versed with DS, ALGO. I am very comfortable in C++, but also look forward to start working in Python.
@aditya Please help to get started. I want to start immediately! :slight_smile:
My LinkedIn.

(Shristi Raj) #68

Hi :slight_smile: I’m Shristi persuing B. Tech in Computer Science at IIT Varanasi. I want to contribute to the Algorithms and Data Structures part, can u help me how to get started as I’m new to open source programming and want to learn more.

(Komal Bharadiya) #69

Hi, I am Komal, pursuing BE from Pune, India. I am novice to open source community but would be glad to contribute in any way possible. I am interested in data structures and algorithms. Looking forward for my first contribution.
Please help me !! :slight_smile:
Thanking you in anticipation !

(Depa Himavanth Reddy) #70

I am Depa Himavanth Reddy from Bangalore, India. I am trying to start contributing to Open Source and I’m more than glad and excited to have discovered OpenGenus!
I would like to join in an Internship, well versed with data structures, Algorithms. I am very comfortable in Java but also look forward to starting working in Spring boot framework. Dear @aditya Please help me to get hired. I want to start immediately!
Email: depahimavanth@gmail.com

Thank you! :smile:

(Yashveer Talan) #71

I am Yashveer Talan, a sophomore Engineer.

I would like to start contributing to Open Source and I will be really happy if I get a chance to contribute to OpenGenus!

I have proficiency in Web Development, C, C++ and Front End Designing

I would like to start my Open Source journey here at OpenGenus!

(Beket Bayemirov) #72

My name is Beket! Interested in remote internship opportunity.
My github

(Yogesh Agarwal) #73

Hii, My name is Yogesh Agarwal, I like this community very much and wanted to discuss about my Intern, Is there any one who is active today?

(Yogesh Agarwal) #74

I have opened a issue Ugly Number yesterday, Can I directly send PR for addition of that program in the DP of Algorithms?

(Aditya Chatterjee) #75

Hi Yogesh,

Thanks for expressing your love for OpenGenus :blush:

Feel free to directly message us, open new topics and open pull requests anytime :+1:

(Nitanshu) #76

Hi I am new here and I’d love to contribute :smiley:

(Alex) #77

Hello there!

I am Alex from New York. I’m definitely interested in becoming a Developer (both Python and Java). I’m currently learning Java freshly and am an intermediate Python programmer. I was on and off with Python programming throughout the years since the Python 2.7 days but I made it my main language and I love it!

I’m currently working on a couple of projects with Python and SQL. One with a straight script in which is in my gist and another one with Flask.

I’m definitely interested in helping and involving myself with the open source community. I am always willing to learn and improve my skills along with helping other improve on their coding also.

I love the idea of this foundation and hope to collaborate as much as possible.

Hope to hear from ya soon!

(Double U23) #78

Hi all!

I’m DoubleU23 and have more than 10 years experience in web development,
and more than 2 years experience with NodeJS and React.

I’m currently working on StackR23,
which basically is an isomorphic/universal full stack/environment inclusive an own toolset for building React Apps.
So if you’re interested, have a look at React23

I would be very glad, if some of you would join my mission, give some feedback or just drop a star on one of my stackr23-repos

BTW: I’m really wondering why you did chose Discource over Gitter / slack?
or did i miss an other other Gitter you did mention in “Gitter - OpenGenus/Chat”:

Alternative to the private organization channel

(Prakhar srivastava ) #79


My name is Prakhar Srivastava, I’ve just completed my diploma course in Singapore, and I love the idea your team has created and would be interested in marketing side of it.

Looking forward.

Best regards

(Dakshya) #80

I am Dakshya Mishra, a second year CSE student at International Institute of Information Technology, Bhubaneswar. I am a newbie to open source and I would like to contribute to your projects on Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
Looking forward to being an intern at OpenGenus.

(UCM ELP) #81

Hi!, we are a student group of Universidad Complutense of Madrid and we would like to contribute with algorithm development and with all our knowledge and research. However, we love open source and we would like to learn more and more about any topic. :partying_face:

(Nabanita Dash) #82

Hi! :slight_smile: I am a ML enthusiast.I want to contribute to open source

(Aditya Prakash) #83

Hi I’m Aditya Prakash from India. I am new to opensource and want to start off with opengenus. I code C++, C and Python. I know quite a bit about python web frameworks and web-dev. I am greatly interested in Cosmos project. Looking forward to be a part of this community. :smiley: