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(Aditya Rakhecha) #63

Hi :slight_smile: My name is Aditya. I have good knowledge of C++ and have recently started exploring Qt and Machine Learning. Really excited to contribute to open source. Please help. Github

(Grey White Stanley) #64

Hi, I’m Grey from Nigeria and am interested with everything that has to do with algorithm, programming and analysis. My humble self is glad is to be here and can’t wait start. Thank you Opengenus for this awesome initiative.

(Shubham kumar) #65

hi I am shubham from india.I am into algos and AI and data handling related stuff and would love to contribute here

(Abdallah Khaled) #66

Hi, my name is Abdallah Khaled. I have working experience in Embedded Systems and Automotive industry. I also have knowledge in data structures and OOP. I am looking to learn new things especially linux.

Looking forward to contribute to open source projects

(Surbhi Singh) #67

Hi. :blush:
I am Surbhi Singh from Delhi, India. I am trying to start contributing to Open Source and am more than glad and excited to have discovered OpenGenus!
I am a software person, well versed with DS, ALGO. I am very comfortable in C++, but also look forward to start working in Python.
@aditya Please help to get started. I want to start immediately! :slight_smile:
My LinkedIn.

(Shristi Raj) #68

Hi :slight_smile: I’m Shristi persuing B. Tech in Computer Science at IIT Varanasi. I want to contribute to the Algorithms and Data Structures part, can u help me how to get started as I’m new to open source programming and want to learn more.