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(Shivam Negi) #84

Hi I am Shivam Negi from India, 2nd year Computer Science student. I am new to opensource and want to start off with opengenus .Being a python and C programmer and having experience in Algorithms and Data structures and Machine learning. I would like to contribute in the Algorithms and Data structures section.
Looking forward to being an intern at OpenGenus.

(Anwesh Panda) #85

Hello Everyone. I am Anwesh Panda from India, 2nd year Information Technology undergrad. My Internship at OpenGenus starts today. I know C++ and do competitive programming, currently learning Web Development. I need a little help for setting up the project and getting started. Looking forward to be a part of this community.

(Rohan Basavaraju) #86

Hi everyone!

My name’s Rohan, and I’m a first-year undergraduate computer science student beginning my software developer/data structures & algorithms internship with OpenGenus this week. I’m excited to contribute to Cosmos and collaborate with others towards this awesome project! If anyone is interested in talking with me more about the Cosmos project, feel free to message me privately.

(Nabanita Dash) #87

Hi :slight_smile:
I am Nabanita,2nd year undergraduate. I am a Pythonista :snake: I love machine-learning specially openCV and NLP.I want to do this internship to be improve myself and make new friends.

(Brandon Hall) #88


I’m Brandon and I’m new to open source contributing! I’m interested in contributing to OpenGenus and helping where I can, especially in writing tests to ensure top-notch code! Here’s my GitHub account and I look forward to contributing more in the future.

(Srilekha.T) #89

Hello ,
I’m Srilekha from India,3rd year Computer Science student.I am new to open source. I hope i could gain good knowledge of Data structures and Algorithms and coding skills.

(Prateek Madaan) #90

Hi !! I am a full stack web developer and I am in my last year of BTech Computer Science studying in Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha Universlty. I have a good hold of data structures and algorithms, along with that I work on almost all frontend technologies like React,Angular and Vuejs (JS) and I am also learning blockchain development and halfway done. Here is my github profile. I hope I can contribute constructively to the development of the ideas that this organisation has. Thanks
Github Link
PS : https://github.com/prateek951

(Santosh Kumar) #91

hi, how can i help this organization.

(Yash Joshi) #92

Hi there, this is Yash .I’m really passionate about data science and machine learning. Would love to work on any projects related to python or machine learning.