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OpenGenus Foundation

We are a massive community enabling people to work at a long stretch while offline and make research more accessible. This is the perfect and the most welcoming place on the internet to discuss algorithms, data structures, coding in general and anything else. We have a place for everyone.

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We are building the next generation unbiased real-time privacy and user-focused code search engine for everyone. We have a full team dedicated to this and you can join us too. Cosmos is our knowledge base which is the World’s largest documentation of algorithms, online challenges and data structures in our World. This is one of the highest impact work done recently and we would love to have you make a mark on this. We aim to build an offline search engine based on our knowledge base.

The Internet is wonderful and organizations are fighting to make it more accessible and better each day. Still, offline is a reality. Consider the worst case scenario of the battle of internet neutrality. We are preparing for the worst case and in turn, we aim to make the overall experience awesome.

We have several other initiatives that have been started by our beloved contributors. Join us on board and you can lead a path as well.

Ask or tell us anything.

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Introduce yourself in a new post with the Introduction tag. We want to know you and help you better.

We look forward to enjoying with you.

(Sbouii) #5

I’ am Mariem from Tunisia , interested in DevOps/site reliability engineering .you can take a look at my github profile, I like the idea of this foundation , let me know how can I help you .

(Aditya Chatterjee) #6

Hi Mariem, :smile:

We are glad that you are interested in our work. You do have a good set of work on GitHub. :+1:

You can be a core leader at OpenGenus. For instance, you can help us improve our contribution/ work flow at Cosmos (700+ contributors), build a tool to help users to prepare their system for an upcoming offline period, reliability at our upcoming code compiler api project and many others.You can suggest your idea as well.

I have invited you to our GitHub and Slack group as well.

(Emily Ong) #7

Hello! I am Emily from Singapore and I look forward to contributing to algorithms and search :slight_smile:

(Aditya Chatterjee) #8

Hi Emily :smile:

Nice to meet you. You can take a look at Cosmos, Quark, Search engine and other projects to get started. I have added you to our Slack group so that you can get in touch with other contributors as well.
Let us know if you need any help. :+1: