Working on a project, opensource would be great now instead a week from now

Greetings! I am new to this community. I am also new to collaborating with people on open source projects. My areas of interest stem back to when I was 9 years old and I was programming computer graphics in assembly code. I wanted to be a full-stack game developer. Later in life, there were many struggles. There was much pain. There was much, … Recently, after much searching online I could not quite find the framework I was looking for to develop on. I am creating that framework, and I wish to gather some interest in the topic. Ultimately, looking tot find some really trustworthy people to chat about the developing concept with and they will, immediately see the merit of it.


Wow, you programmed graphics in assembly :exploding_head:

Things go wrong and there comes pain but there is happiness around us as well :blush: everything will be fine

I, also, like to develop some games :game_die: and have worked on some simple ones using JavaScript


Hi @jessi, have you tried My contact is [](http://Cara V - Also, I plan to have the new framework for my project available soon on github. I would love to help anyway I can with anything I can. If you can find me on itch and add me, I have a game jam idea that will be posting there soon. They also, have 10000s of game ideas that anyone can check out and jam on.

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Welcome to OpenGenus :tada:

There are room to new frameworks. You seem to have some interesting ideas :smile:

We will definitely follow your work on Itch.
Meanwhile, you may give us some idea on what features you were looking for in a framework which you found missing in current options :thinking:

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Yes! I am currently working on the pre-alpha version right now, so as this is being my first open source project, i could use some active help (via chat) to help make sure i guide the first builds towards the intended community with the proper documentation systems setup and versioning. It probably sounds simple to alot of people, however I feel because there are a bjillion options I would like to go with the most solid well-received one.

Yeah. I definitely am very glad my friend told me about itch. Please, message me, and tell me what chat platform you would prefer to be reached on. :hot_face:


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After many hours deliberating and pecking at the kbd, I have about 15-25% design, and library considerations. It looks like OpenGL 3.3 on, GLFW & soon after Vulkan LunarG as well. For building, CMake. Cross-platform build considerations shouldn’t be too complicated, given the above libraries. Rudimentary, functionalities involving realtime performance monitoring and logging are to be sparingly available, in this first pre-alpha build. Most of the context of what I’m working with to get up to this point is to attempt to be organized and well thought out in the beginning stages. I’ve built GLFW for my PC and am currently pushing real hard to setup a decent yet sparse initial run. Again, I urge anyone to reach out. My current goal, is just to release a working proof of concept, on github, ASAP. Preferably, involving a 2-4 person core group of devs that seem to have the most interest in staying at the forefront of further pre v1.0 development / testing. To then release a v1.0 would be stellar. With complete opensource availability onward…

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Yes, there are a lot of options available and it can seem confusing as you go deeper. The key :old_key: is to chose one option and go forward

We use our Discourse forum (this one) for all communications. Feel free to message me directly or continue the discussion here as well

Yes, it is important to plan out the target to some extend before starting to implement. It is nice that you have made the library choices and are focusing on a small set of features for the initial version. You are on the right track :+1:

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My concern, is that I’m not finding similar discussions on here of this nature (yet). Specifically, in the context of how I’m attempting to coerce others to feel comfortable to find out exactly what this is about. It would be easier if someone would suggest a more productive way for me to find appreciable interest to equally develop this (itmatters)_lib.whattever for all of us .org in the open source community, with some initial behind the scenes hands on it also.